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SpyCruise On-board Author Terry M. Major

Terry M. Majors
(M.M. Terrence)

Terry M. Major has always enjoyed writing throughout her life, having contributed extensively to newspapers and periodicals. Her novel Enshallah was a work in progress for the last several years. It was an idea that began while she was living and traveling within the Middle East and solidified itself after the attack of 9/11.

Enshallah provided a way for Terry to not only express her revulsion for the 9-11 tragedy and surrounding events, but also communicate her knowledge of the life and peoples of the Middle East.  Her book has attempted to fill the void of having no obvious American hero in the War on Terror by developing a realistic character that all Americans could embrace.

Terry lived and traveled in Saudi Arabia for over five years, where she acquired extensive knowledge of the people, their culture and history, as well as everyday life and mores. She has lived in Tabuk, a small regional city, and Riyadh, the capital.  She has hunted for “desert diamonds” and desert “roses” among the camels in the desert and camped on the shore of the Red Sea, where she became a fully-certified scuba diver.  She has experienced the effects of Haj, Ramadan and Eid by seeing them first-hand while living in the Kingdom.  She has also traveled to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Cyprus and Turkey, allowing her to experience the cultural similarities and differences of each country.

Her extensive knowledge of military people, equipment, tactics and systems was acquired from being associated with the U.S. military and the military of the NATO nations for decades, during which she had extensive contacts and was able to fulfill a need to satisfy her natural curiosity.

As an Army wife she successfully managed hundreds of volunteers in one of the Army’s largest overseas military cities, and was instrumental in raising the quality of life for soldiers and their families.  She also planned and led tours for military family members throughout Europe and the Middle East, allowing them to also experience different cultures.

She attended the University of Connecticut, is married to a retired Army officer, and has raised a son who graduated from West Point. She is currently living in southwest Florida, where she is working on the sequel to “Enshallah”.

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